Motorcycle Diaries


Off-road racing is a form of motorcycle racing wherein the race is being held on unsurfaced terrains such as dirt, mud, grass, and sand. There are many variations to off-road racing— from the Enduro racing that focuses on the endurance of the racers, to the hare scramble that involves the completion of multiple laps as well as varying length and time for each participant.

Due to the rugged nature of the racing venue, certain advances in motorcycle technology are required. Rokon is one of the many manufacturers that are continuously producing top-of-the-line innovation in motorcycle components in the hopes of accommodating more challenging techniques and skills for all racers. Rokon is the original and longest-running generator of all-wheel drive motorcycles.Their products possess the trademark of being rugged, lightweight and excellent against traction.

For most enthusiasts off-road motorcycle racing, every competition remarkably taps their innate knack for adventure. The challenge of maneuvering their motors while racing past rocky and rough tracks tests their abilities and skills; thereby allowing professional racers to explore further their capacities. This particular outdoor sport is, indeed, more prone to serious injuries as well as extreme motor damages. As such if you wish to try off-road racing then you must do so at your own risk.