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Off-road racing is a form of motorcycle racing wherein the race is being held on unsurfaced terrains such as dirt, mud, grass, and sand. There are many variations to off-road racing— from the Enduro racing that focuses on the endurance of the racers, to the hare scramble that involves the completion of multiple laps as well as varying length and time for each participant. Choose best motorcycle hitch carrier from this list of popular models.

Due to the rugged nature of the racing venue, certain advances in motorcycle technology are required. Rokon and Beta are among the many manufacturers that are continuously producing top-of-the-line innovation in motorcycle components in the hopes of accommodating more challenging techniques and skills for all racers. Rokon is the original and longest-running generator of all-wheel drive motorcycles.Their products possess the trademark of being rugged, lightweight and excellent against traction.Meanwhile, Beta was established in 1904 in Florence, Italy, and it was originally a manufacturer of bicycles. At first it before the name Societa Giuseppe Bianchi, until such time that the owners Enzo Bianchiand Arrigo Tosi decided to combine their initials and produce the name ‘Beta’ for their company. Sincethey build their own engines and other basic gears, Bianchi and Tosi’s combined ingeniousness slowly gave rise to their popular trials bikes and enduro motorcycles.  It was during the 1970’s that Beta began developing off-road motorcycles.

For most enthusiasts of beta racing and off-road motorcycle racing, every competition remarkably taps their innate knack for adventure. The challenge of maneuvering their motors while racing past rocky and rough tracks tests their abilities and skills; thereby allowing professional racers to explore further their capacities. This particular outdoor sport is, indeed, more prone to serious injuries as well as extreme motor damages. As such if you wish to try beta racing and off-road racing then you must do so at your own risk.


In the world of motorcycle sports, beta racing has been a huge contributor of noteworthy achievements and opportunities for individuals passionate about off-road racing. Thanks to the mastery and dedication of Italian manufacturers  Enzo Bianchi and Arrigo Tosi, the world was able to witness a fascinating array of motorcycle advancements and historical events.

    Some of these events are:
  • Beta’s 175cc models proved to be extremely useful in competitions and gained remarkable success in the Hillclimbing, Motogiro and Milan-Taranto races.
  • During the 70’s beta continued to turn heads from motocrosses to enduro events. Brought bythe innovative technology incorporated on their off-road motorcycle models, they were able tobag numerous triumphs in the form of over 100 National and Worldwide Championships, 7European Championships,  7 Trial Outdoor World Championships and 6 Trial Indoor WorldChampionships.
  • Beta was able to pioneer the 4-stroke engine for Trial bikes. The said development spurred riding styles and techniques that respond to the natural instincts of a professional rider.
  • In 2009 Beta further developed their 4-stroke engine in order to provide sufficient power for their up and coming line of RR off-road motorcycles.

At present, Beta still surpasses its competitors through investing greatly on the skills and experiences of their craftsmen. They are a true testament that handcrafted perfection and excellence can generate far more extraordinary accomplishments than a simple and heavy reliance on robotic developments alone.


Can’t get enough of beta racing and off-road motorcycles? Fret not, because Beta has a lot of wonderful suprises in store for you! As well-known providers of fresh and impressive concepts to suit the ever-changing needs of all professional riders, Beta USA attempts to release brand new tesk bikes along with enhancements on some of their gears for 2016.

  • Firstly, Beta is expected to release its brand new 2016 Xtrainer, RR and RS models. With an increase in the production of XTrainer 300, this also means built-in entry-level 300 cc off-road
    machines and a powerful yet “no-hit” engine technology.
  • Beta announces that its two-stroke enduro models, specifically the 250 and 300 RR models will be enhanced with their own electronic oil injection system. The electronic oil injection system was designed to be on par with the requirements of Beta especially when it comes to performance and durability. It is more economic when it comes to gasoline use, and it also has a computer that determines the amount of oil needed based on where the throttle is at. As a result, there is no need for pre-mixing and riders are able to receive the best mix of fuel and oil suited to their needs.
  • Better air filter box, stronger top shock mount for the main frame to improve the strength and feel of the chassis and 50% reduction of smoke from the exhaust are also among the superb changes that enthusiasts can expect once they get hold of their brand new beta racing models.
  • Some of the brand new models to be released next year include the 2016 RR Stroke, RR 4 Stroke, and the RR 4 Stroke Chassis.